How To Choose A Steroid Source In Canada


I would argue that the most important aspect when it comes to choosing a reliable Canadian steroid vendor would be the brands supplied by the vendor. Factors such as fast shipping, quick customer service are integral to the success of an online vendor, but what good are those elements if the end product is of poor quality? What benefit does a user receive by receiving an order very fast, if the quality of the product is not as expected?

PGANABOLICS has placed its focus since day one on providing Canadians with steroid products of the absolute highest quality. The only way to do so, is by offering products from only the most reputable brands in Canada. Currently, PGANABOLICS offers Steroids, HGH, SARMS and other ancillary products from Ultra SARMSSYN PharmaGlobal Pharma & Pharma Tech Labs. All of these brands are extremely respected and have rave reviews on all Canadian Steroid Forums, such as Canadian Juice MonstersPGANABOLICS also carries a large stock of Pharmaceutical Grade Products, which are the absolute best quality products anyone could ever obtain without argument.


Assuming a vendor carries quality products, the second most important factor in choosing a Steroid Source in Canada is the reputation of the vendor. We highly recommend looking at various forums and review sites prior to ordering from any vendor. Although no vendor is exempt from negative reviews, it is quite easy to distinguish a reputable vendor from a subpar or poor vendor. We believe that if a vendor’s negative reviews on a given platform are more than 10%, then that vendor is not a very good one. For example, if a vendor has a total of 300 positive reviews, then they should not have more than 30 negative reviews.

In addition to review sites, forums are also a good place to read up on in order to find reviews on Canadian Steroid vendors. Though keep in mind that some forums are operated and owned by individuals that own Steroid shops themselves, so they may be biased. Therefore, we believe that unbiased review sites such as MuscleGurus & Reddit are good overall indicators of a Steroid source’s repetition.


Last but not least, we believe that every vendor should be completely transparent and honest with their policies and rules. A vendor should have a clear FAQ section that states their policies pertaining to shipping times, returns and other common questions that a prospective client may have prior to placing an order. We believe that every vendor has the right to execute their policies as they see fit, but they should be clear about it in advance so that a client is never surprised by anything.

PGANABOLICS has a FAQ section that clearly communicates their policies.

In conclusion, there are many factors that a client should consider prior to placing an order with a vendor. We have listed 3 of the factors that we believe that are the most important! If you believe that there are other large factors that should be considered, feel free to send us an email with your suggestions!

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