Injectable Steroids Vs Oral Steroids


One of the most frequently asked questions is: the difference between Oral Steroids versus Injectable Steroids. Most beginners are curious if one is better than the other.  The intent of this article is inform our views about the main differences between oral steroids and injectable steroids.

The Advantages/Disadvantages of Oral Steroids vs Oral Steroids


Let us begin by first defining what an Oral Steroid is. An Oral Steroids is any form of steroid that is consumed orally, such as a capsule, tablet or in some cases liquid. Some of the most popular Oral Steroids include AnavarDianabol, and Winstrol.  Oral steroids are extremely convenient to take as they can be taken like any other vitamin. This makes them much more appealing to users, because of the ease of use. Additionally, many users, especially beginners are frightened by the thought of having to administer an injection. And rightly so, not everyone is capable of administering an intramuscular injection to themselves. So when it comes to convenience, Oral Steroids are the clear winner.

Winner: Oral Steroids 


As appealing as the use of an Oral Steroid may be due to the absolute ease and convenience, that is where their advantage ends compared to Injectable Steroids. Oral Steroids are 17-allkalyed which means that they are orally active and are therefore very toxic to the liver. This should be a serious concern for a Steroid user, as Oral Steroids cannot be used for nearly as long as Injectable Steroids due to the fact that they strain the liver. In addition to liver strain, Oral Steroids are known to have a much more detrimental impact on cholesterol levels (HDL and LDL) compared to Injectable Steroids.

Most Steroid users tend to not use Oral Steroids for any longer than 8 weeks, as using them for any longer than that at a time tends to place too much strain on the liver. On the other hand, many individuals employ the use of Injectable steroids for months at a time without much strain on the liver. As a whole, both Oral and Injectable Steroids have their place in a Steroid Cycle, however Oral Steroids are generally much more harmful to one’s cholesterol and liver.

Winner: Injectable Steroids 


We do not believe that the form of an Anabolic Steroid, be it Oral or Injectable determines how potent it is. Certain Oral Steroids are much more potent than certain Injectable Steroids and the reverse is also true. Though as previously mentioned, Oral Steroids cannot be used as long as Injectable Steroids, which may be a limiting factor in achieving the best results possible throughout a Steroid Cycle. Many tend to stack Oral and Injectable Steroids in one cycle in order to reap the benefits of both. For example, a sample steroid cycle using both an oral and injectable Steroid would resemble something like:

Weeks 1-16: Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg per week

Weeks 1-8: Dianabol at 40mg per day.

The entire duration of this cycle is 16 weeks, where the injectable steroid Testosterone Enanthate is used throughout the entire 16 weeks, while the Oral Steroid Dianabol is only used for the first 8 weeks of the cycle.

Winner: Draw 


In conclusion, both Oral Steroids and Injectable Steroids have their place in the steroid regimen of a user. The most critical factor that users should consider is the ramifications of using Oral Steroids for extended periods of time. We hope that this article was able to provide our readers with enough information in order for them to make an informed decision in respect to utilizing injectable and oral steroids.

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