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Accutane is also known as Isotretinoin. It is sold in the market by the name of Accutane. It is a medication that is used to medicate severe acne problems. It belongs in the category of medications known as Retinoids.

What does Accutane do? 

Accutane is a  very potent drug. It is very effective in all sorts of breakouts. It is used to treat moderate acne as well as severe acne if other interventions have failed.  It has been used for acne for many years and is usually the best option if anti-biotics and creams have failed to treat acne.

Many bodybuilders tend to suffer from Acne during their steroid cycles. This is sometimes due to fluctuation in various hormone levels. Acne can also sometimes be caused to excessive oil production by the skin.  It should be noted that Accutane is somewhat liver toxic, so it would not be wise to stack with oral steroids.

Mechanism of Action

Accutane is derived from vitamin A and shrinks the oil glands of the skin and normalizes the method for skin growing.  It stops excess oil production.

Accutane is one of the only medications that can treat severe acne. It also combats inflammation of the skin.

How to use Accutane

  • Accutane is taken orally.
  • Its results appear after 7 to 10 days of use.
  • 8 out of 10 people have better results by using Accutane for 3-4 months.
  • 5 mg per kg for 120 days (complete acne therapy)

Why buy from us? 

Accutane is amongst the product category of Pharmaceutical Grade Products. These are the highest quality grade of medications available in Canada and worldwide.

Please note: The above article is written for entertainment purposes only. PGAnabolics does not condone or recommend the use of any prescription medications. Ensure to consult a doctor or medical professional prior to using any medication.

2 reviews for ROCHE – ACCUTANE 40MG (ACNE)

  1. lucas MEIRELES

    Going for my second month so far no new breakout

  2. Hali

    AMAZING! Horrible acne…gone in two months! Tell my doctor I’ve been drinking (i haven’t) to get my liver enzymes tested. So far -safe. I have tried everything, to the point I’ve been in tears (hey, those who know, know!) I’m halfway through my third pack (want to finish the full four to avoid re-breakouts)

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