Steroid Use and Canadian Pro BodyBuilders

When compared to the United States, Canada has only about 10 percent of the population, making the total number of Canadian bodybuilders much less known. Although Canada has a much smaller population and therefore much fewer bodybuilders, it does not mean that Steroid using Canadian bodybuilders are not amongst some of the best in the world. Indeed, Canadians have played a strong role in the history of the sport of bodybuilding. We wrote an article earlier that focused on Steroid Use in Canada as a whole, but in this article, we are going to focus on some of the most well-known and successful Steroid using Canadian bodybuilders.

Paul Dillet

Dillet was born in Montreal, Canada and was trained by the legendary Chris Aceto. Dillet rocked 24-inch arms, super wide shoulders, humongous quad and insane had freaky vascularity all over his physique to top it all off. What made Paul Dillet super impressive was the fact that he stood at 6 foot 3 and competed around 280 pounds of lean shredded muscle. He was one of Canada’s best bodybuilders in the 90s that competed against other steroid using bodybuilders such as Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, and Dorian Yates. Paul ended up placing 4th at the Olympia In 1994 which was his best placing ever. Keep in mind that the Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding event in the World. So a Canadian was the 4th in the entire world in 1994. Not too bad! Paul is now retired and he is the owner of his own bodybuilding federation and seems to be very successful. 

Greg Kovacs

Kovacs is perhaps even freakier and bigger than Dillet, but unfortunately he was very successful as a pro bodybuilder. Kovacs off season weight was well over 400 pounds and he competed around 320 pounds. Nowadays, many bodybuilders do not even get up to 300 pounds in the off season, which speaks to Kovacs’ sheer size. Kovacs earned his pro card at Canadian Nationals though never ended up doing well as a pro, most likely due to his poor structure. Although Kovacs was incredibly huge, his waist and mid section was also quite big and distended. Additionally, Kovacs was 6 foot 5 which is not an ideal height for a bodybuilder by any means. Most legendary bodybuilders tend to be around 5’8 to 5’10. Although Kovacs was not a very good pro, he was extremely popular and well known to his extreme size. Unfortunately Kovacs died at the age of 44 due to health complications. He will always remain a legendary Canadian bodybuilder. 

Steve Brisbois

Brisbois aka the giant killer competed at only 170 pounds and he was 5 foot 4. He earned his pro card in Canada and went on to compete in the pro league and was moderately successful as a pro. He was extremely aesthetic and had a physique that would be perfect for the modern classic physique division. He ended up placing fifth at the Arnold Classic in 1992 which was his best placing ever. 

Although it is no secret that all bodybuilders use Injectable Steroids and Oral Steroids , it is worth mentioning the almost all Pro bodybuilders, Canadian or not engage in the use of Anabolic Steroids.  Bodybuilding in Canada has started to become much more popular in the modern world. The use of performance enhancers such as Steroids and Sarms has also sky rocketed. According to a certain study about 3% of Canadian students in 1996 had said to have used Steroids, which was a higher number than was presumed. Although no recent studies have been done, that number is without a doubt much higher now. Bodybuilding is now much more popular and the emergence of social media has encouraged many to dabble with anabolic steroids to achieve a better physique. We cannot say whether the use of Anabolic Steroids is right or wrong, but we recommend that you consult your doctor and do not engage in the use of any Steroids without medical supervision. The legendary Canadian bodybuilders that were mentioned in this article were all IFBB PROFESSIONAL bodybuilders. Pro bodybuilders use performance enhancements such as Steroids under medical supervision and are monitored incase their health takes a toll. The use of Steroids without consulting a doctor can be reckless and dangerous. 

Turning Pro in Canada – Not so easy now is it? Before we conclude this article it is worth mentioning that become a Pro Bodybuilder in Canada is much more difficult compared to the United States. American bodybuilders have many more shows that award Pro Cards, while Canada only tends to offer 2 shows per year where amateur bodybuilders can turn pro. Even then, usually, only one pro card is awarded per division, while in the United States a pro card is often given to each class winner. Despite the difficulties of becoming a Pro bodybuilder, Canadian Pros still remain competitive and relevant in the world of pro bodybuilding.

We hope that you found our article about the steroid use of some Canadian bodybuilders insightful. If you’re looking for a guide about how you should go about choosing a Canadian Steroid Source, then please check out our blog section for an article for the perfect guide.

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