Steroid Use In Canada

It is no secret that the use of both Injectable Steroids & Oral steroids has increased significantly in Canada throughout the past decade. It is tough to conclude what has been the predominant driving factor, but we believe that the increased popularity of fitness and health on social media platforms has been a critical influence.

We’ll start off this article by giving our readers a very brief overview of what Steroids are, and then we’ll dive right into the reasons why Canadians are using and buying steroids more than in the past.

Anabolic Steroids

To keep things simple, steroids come in two forms: oral and injectable. The oral form is taken by mouth, while the injectable form is administered via an intramuscular injection.

Anabolic Steroids are often referred to as AAS, which stands for Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids. Synthetic Testosterone is the first ever Steroid created, and it equally androgenic as it is anabolic. Other Anabolic steroids have varying ratings when it comes to how Anabolic or Androgenic they are. Steroids such as Primobolan, Anavar, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, and others were all created with the intent of manufacturing compounds that would be superior to Testosterone in respect to their side effect profile.

Steroids are predominantly used for various medical conditions, such as HIV, muscle wasting, low testosterone. When it comes to off label use, most individuals almost strictly use Anabolic Steroids due to their ability to increase muscle mass and strength.

Why has Steroid Use increased in Canada

Social Media

The use of social media platforms such as InstagramSnapchat, and Facebook is absolutely rampant. The men and women of our society are exposed to such unnatural and unattainable physiques through social media, which has caused an immense distortion in their perceptions of what an “ideal body” should look like. Many of these ideal physiques that are displayed on social media are derived from individuals using Anabolic Steroids and other performance enhancing compounds. Recall the saying “Monkey See, Monkey do?” Well, in this case, it is quite obvious the men and women of our society are simply following the same regimens as their ideal social media models.

Health Consciousness

The demand for health supplements, ranging from muscle building supplements, herbal supplements, weight loss supplements, longevity supplements, and the use of supplements are a whole has absolutely exploded. Based on the most recent data, people are just looking to be healthier. Now we don’t think the use of Steroids is healthy, but many people associate healthy with how they look. Therefore, although more people are more health conscious, for some individuals steroid use is required in order for them to have the physique that they perceive as healthy.

Aside from the use of supplements, people just tend to care more so about their health. For example, many people have stopped smoking altogether or they have replaced it with Vapes. Although we do not know if one is safer than the other, it is evident that many people are at the very least trying to be healthier.

As a whole, the use of Steroids and other performance enhancements has increased big time in the entire world, and Canada is no exception. We believe that Social Media and the overall demand for society to be healthier as a whole are without a doubt heavily influencing the increased use of Anabolic Steroids. It will be interesting to see if the use of Steroids will continue to increase in the next 10 years, or there will be more innovations that will replace the tried and true synthetics drugs.

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