SYN Pharmaceuticals

SYN Pharma is one of Canada’s most well known and reputable steroid manufacturers. SYN Pharma produces a very large range of pharmaceuticals, ranging from: oral steroids, injectable steroids, sarms, sexual assistance products, fat loss products, and variety of ancillary products.The manufacturing facility of SYN Pharma complies with all the strict quality control measures that are required of GMP facilities. All of the brand’s oral products are in tablet form, made using pharmaceutical grade blenders to ensure precise product accuracy. The injectable steroids are manufactured with the highest quality grape seed oil, with every single batch going through double filtration. SYN Pharma has been supplying Canadians with the highest quality pharmaceuticals for over 10 years and they are consistently striving to be amongst the best.


As a verified SYN Pharma rep, PGAnabolics is proud to represent SYN Pharma as one of the brands in our extensive line up of quality pharmaceuticals.