Generally Asked Questions

PGAnabolics is a prominent supplier of performance-enhancing compounds in Canada, specializing mainly in Anabolic Steroids. We are positively rated on top performance-enhancing source websites including but not limited to Eroids, Musculegurus, Meso RX, SST and Northern Muscle.

Firstly, a very large range of our products are Pharmaceutical Grade. As for the remainder of our products, we carry only the highest quality brands and pharmaceutical grade products. Please refer to our Quality Control” tab for independent lab tests conducted on our products.

Furthermore, we have approved suppliers for all the brands that we carry, including, but not limited to: SYN Pharmaceuticals, Global Pharmaceuticals, Ultra Sarms, Pharma Tech labs, and Genevatropin HGH. 

Yes. Please visit the discounts page on our website for more details.

Our emails may be landing in your junk/spam folder. Please check those folders and if you discover our emails there, then kindly safe list our email address, and henceforth emails should land in your inbox.

We do not provide these services and we are not liable for how you choose to use the products listed on pganabolics.com

We cannot. Our inventory is strictly limited to the items listed on the website.

First and foremost, please remember that this only applies to Canadian made products listed in the pharmaceutical grade section.” If you order a product from Global Pharma, Pharma Tech Labs, SYN Pharma or any other brand not listed in the “pharmaceutical grade” section then you will receive exactly the brand you ordered.
Products in the Pharmaceutical section are products such as ZopicloneModafinilAccutane, etc. These are Canadian Pharmacy Grade products. These products are manufactured by Canadian approved Pharmacy Grade manufacturers such as Mar, Apotex, PMS, Auro, Ranbaxy & more. All manufacturers are held to the same degree of quality and produce the same dose/quantity as one another at the same price. The distributors that we work with carry inventory from all approved manufacturers and when an order is processed, the product sent can be from any Canadian approved Pharmacy Grade manufacturer. We do not have control over which manufacturer’s product is sent and we cannot take requests for a specific manufacturer. However, we guarantee the following:
The product that you receive will be from a Canadian approved Pharmacy Grade manufacturer, it will be the exact same dose and exact same quantity as advertised. For example, if you order Zopiclone 7.5mg 100 tablets, you will exactly receive that, but it could be from Apotex, Auro, Ranbaxy, etc – all of which are Canadian approved manufacturers

Payment & Order Related Questions

All of our prices are in CAD (Canadian dollars).

We do not have a minimum order.

We accept the following payment methods:

1. Interac Email Money Transfer
2. Bitcoin 

We do not offer any other methods of payment. 

Precise and easy payment instructions will be shown on the screen after you check out. An invoice will also be emailed to you upon placing an order. Please ensure to check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive an email from us shortly after your order is placed. (Occasionally Microsoft – hotmail/outlook/live – blocks our automated emails – in such cases an invoice will be sent manually, which could take a few hours). 

We do not accept any returns. We do not have a physical location where items can be sent. Once an order is processed, there is no refund/return/exchange policy in place due to the nature of our products. All orders are final. Additionally, once an order is processed, we cannot make any changes to it.

No. We only offer mail services.

We provide ourselves with superb customer service. If you happen to have any issues, then kindly contact us and we will try our best to help you.
Please note that PGAnabolics carries products from only the highest quality brands. We third-party test many of our products, which can be viewed in the Quality Control section. If there is ever a bad batch or quality issue with a certain product we would be immediately informed by the manufacturer and we would immediately stop carrying that product. Please note that we will not accept complaints regarding the potency of products based on anecdotal feedback. Each and every medication can elicit a different effect on an individual, based on a multitude of different factors (Tolerance build-up, other medications being used at the time, hormonal changes, lifestyle factors, and so on).
If you have a concern regarding a certain product’s quality, then you must provide us with laboratory testing from a licensed testing facility for the product in question via Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) to back up any claims that are being made. GC/MS is the only way to truly test the contents of a compound.
For all inquiries, please email us through our contact page.
All emails are responded to within 3 business days, Monday-Friday.

Shipping Related Questions

We are able to offer domestic shipping to all orders for the country of Canada. This means that orders that are placed for Canada are shipped to you from within Canada. As a result, you do not have to worry about your pack being seized by customs, so long as you are located in Canada.

We ship with Canada Post Express Post.

Delivery takes 1-4 business days depending on your location.

Note: As stated at check out, all orders are subject to a processing period of 1-3 business days.

Note:  The shipping timeframes quoted are provided as per Canada Post’s websiteWe cannot and do not guarantee the quoted delivery times, as we are not a shipping company. Please place your order well in advance if is time sensitive, as delays do and can occur.

The cost of shipping is $25 for Canada Post Express.

Shipping is free for orders over $1500. 

Yes we do.

Yes. Your order can be tracked on Canadapost.ca

You can expect to receive an email with a tracking number 24-72 hours on average (business days) after your payment has been received. Please do not email us requesting a tracking number unless at least 3 business days have passed since your payment has been received.

Please keep in mind that Canada Post’s website may take up to 1 business day to be updated. If your order does not appear on Canada Post’s website 24 hours after receiving your tracking number, then please email us with your order #.

No. All orders are shipped without requiring the client to sign for it. However, the option to sign is available for clients that would like to sign for their order.

We do. The reason is that by opting to sign for your pack, Canada Post cannot leave your pack at your residence if you are not home or deliver it to anyone else but you. They must deliver the package in person and obtain your signature. By choosing to opt to sign for your pack, you are absolutely guaranteed to receive your package. It is extremely rare for Canada Post to lose a package, but by choosing to sign, you eliminate any chance of any sort of potential problems.

Please make sure to triple check your mailing address prior to submitting your order. Check your invoice after submitting your order and make sure it is complete and not missing any information. We will not be able to retrieve, refund, or help you if your pack is sent to an incorrect address or incomplete address. If you live in a condo and you forget to include your unit #, then Canada Post will not deliver your package. We will not take responsibility for your error. We use a printer to print all addresses as exactly provided by the client to prevent any chances of human error on our side. 

PG Anabolics uses a fictional return address. Therefore, in a scenario where a client’s pack receives a “Return to Sender” label, whether due to an incorrect/incomplete address or any other issue related to your property/residence, it will not be returned to us and will be deemed as lost. As per our terms of use and policy, we are not responsible for any problems pertaining to your address in any regard. Again –  please make sure to check your address before submitting your order! This is a strict policy and we will not make any exceptions.

Orders are shipped within 24-72 business hours after payment has been received. 24-48 hours is the standard. We try our best to ship products as fast as possible, but please understand that we carry 100+ products, many of which are pharmaceutical grade products that are not obtainable through any other source in Canada. These products are obtainable only in limited quantities at a time, hence why orders containing these items can sometimes take up to 72 hours to ship. 

Please note that the shipping method you choose at check out refers to the speed that the courier company delivers your package. It does not include the 24-72 business hours from our end to process your order and ship it out.

We will always send an email with a tracking # upon shipment. Kindly do not email us requesting for a tracking #, unless it has been over 72 business hours since your payment has been received and you have not received a tracking #.

No, your order cannot be seized by customs. All orders destined for Canada are shipped from Canada. Orders that are shipped within the country are not subject to inspection by customs.

Based on statistics, it is extremely rare for Canada Post to ever lose a package. Such occurrences happen 1 out of every 1000 packs shipped. If your tracking #’s status is delivered according to Canada Post, then we consider it as delivered. Choosing to sign for your pack, essentially eliminates any chance of your pack ever being lost/misplaced by Canada Post. We always recommend that our clients choose the signature required upon delivery option at check out.
In the odd chance that a pack is lost/misdelivered and Canada Post is not able to locate the pack, we will offer a re-ship at 50% of the cost of the items ordered + the shipping fee. ( Note: Items listed in the Pharmacy Grade Section that are valued at $110 or more are exempt from this. These premium/limited quantity products that we offer our clients and we simply do not have the margins nor the resources in place to re-ship these at 50% of their value).