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Equipoise (Manufactured by Global Pharma) is also known as Boldenone. This injectable anabolic steroid is actually a derivate of Testosterone. It is very anabolic, but not nearly as Androgenic as Testosterone itself. Although Equipoise can be used as both a cutting or bulking steroid, it typically tends to be used during the offseason. It is a very good substitute for Deca Durabolin, as it tends to cause less water retention, while still exhibiting impressive muscle gains and strength. A cool note about Equipoise is that it is almost chemically identical to the oral anabolic steroid Dianabol, but it does not exhibit the same properties of Dianabol at all!

What does Equipoise do?

Equipoise is most commonly used in the offseason in order to put on lean muscle mass and strength while minimizing water retention. In the past, bodybuilders would typically use Deca Durabolin stacked with Testosterone in the offseason. However, the use of Equipoise as a substitute for Deca has become much more common nowadays. It should be noted that although Equipoise does not cause much water retention it does still aromatize into estrogen, albeit at a much lower rate compared to Testosterone. As a whole, users that wish to employ Equipoise in their bodybuilding regimens can expect to put on mostly lean mass, with perhaps a small amount of water retention.

Equipoise is also known to cause immense hunger for some individuals which can be a great benefit during a bulking phase. Although not all users tend to experience this. Another side effect of Boldenone is an increase in vascularity. This anabolic steroid tends to cause an increase in red blood cells to a higher degree compared to other Steroids, which is responsible for the increase in pumps and vascularity in the gym.

Equipoise Dosing

Unfortunately, there are no guidelines for medical doing for Equipoise as this steroid was developed for veterinarian purposes. Amongst bodybuilders, doses ranging from 300-900mg per week is quite common. Most users tend to do experience very good results between 500-600mg per week with this. compound.

Where to buy Equipoise? 

Equipoise is most commonly available in 200-300mg per milliliter. Global Pharma manufacturers 250mg per milliliter ampoules of Equipoise. PGAnabolics is proud to be able to provide Canadians with the highest quality injectable anabolic steroid Equipoise.

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    Best EQ

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    Slow and Steady consistent Gains, No pip, good product

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    Good product!

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